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device is crushing FACEIT! Is he coming back?

NIP's superstar AWPer is keeping himself warm on FACEIT while spending time recuperating.

Nicolai ”device” Reedtz has been sidelined for over six months now recovering from health issues, which has kept him away from competitive play.

There haven’t been many updates and news from neither NIP nor device himself in regards to a potential comeback. However, if you take a look at device’s FACEIT profile you can see that the former Astralis AWPer is staying in shape with several matches per day. And yes. device is still a very capable CS:GO player.

We have made a video highlighting his best plays from the previous week – check it out here!

In his last many matches on FACEIT, device has played with top-tier CS:GO names as TeSeS, stavn, gade, jabbi, roeJ, niko, and gade just to mention some of the most profiled players.

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