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Copenhagen Flames are going to the major!

The Flames are legends after taking down the Ninjas!

The chance to secure a major spot was on the line when the Copenhagen Flames ran into NIP.

With the first map pick, the CPH Flames decided to take the fight to Vertigo.
With a 75% winrate on the map, the Danes enjoyed a nice start as they went 3-0. Three rounds were the maximum distance between the teams in the first half, as the two could not seem to put together massive streaks. The Ninjas led by a single round at halftime.
Coming in with the lead, the Ninjas kept applying pressure on the Danish squad. The Flames, down 14-10, started a small comeback but had to concede match point to the Ninjas after a massive blunder from “nicoodoz”, who had otherwise played a stellar map. Luckily, this wasn’t match-deciding as the Danes took the last two rounds of regulation and pushed the map into OT, where they would go on to win 19-17.

After a disappointing loss on map 1, the Ninjas moved on to their map pick of Overpass where a 9-0 “Brollan” led his team to a 3-0 lead. The Danes answered back in style with an 11-1 run, where “jabbi” forcefully took over the title as the overwhelming top-fragger.
The Flames quickly found themselves two rounds away from making the major, but surprisingly the tag-team of “Brollan” and “es3tag” started making life harder for the Danes. The Swedes managed to pull it all the way back to 14-10 before the Danes shut them down and ended the game at 16-10.

NIP - Copenhagen Flames 0-2 | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B

17-19 (Vertigo) | nicoodoz - 1.57 Rating / 37-18 K-D / 102.5 ADR

10-16 (Overpass) | jabbi - 1.88 Rating / 32-15 K-D / 125.2 ADR

MVP: Nico "nicoodoz" Tamjidi - 1.47 Rating / 60-33 K-D / 92.1 ADR

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