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Confirmed: NIP and Anonymo to replay Mirage on Tuesday at 21:00 (CET)

One sole map will determine the feud between the Swedish superstars and the Poles from Anonymo - But will the debate end here?

The highly debated matter between NIP and the lower-ranked Poles from Anonymo has been the talk of the town in the CS:GO community for some days now. Many believe that Flashpoint never should have decided on a rematch, some agree with NIP.

Nonetheless, it’s decided by Flashpoint that the two teams will replay the match this Tuesday evening at 21:00 (CET), due to the request by NIP. They will not play the entire b03-series, owing to NIP’s official request firstly was noted after the conclusion of Map 2.

They will therefore only replay the last map of Mirage.

In the above-mentioned statement by Flashpoint, the renowned tournament organizer explains that NIP provided “meaningful data” to prove that the server issues and packet loss were out of their control, and therefore evidence to get the match replayed, owing to the official ruleset.

Besides giving some clarification, Flashpoint acknowledges that the situation hasn’t been handled ideally as they state:

- … we owe a sincere apology to everyone from the teams, to players and the rest of the community. No matter the level of complexity and the amount of discussions that were being managed, all official communication remains our responsibility and it should have been managed with significantly higher standards.

Here are some reactions from the community:

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