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Astralis through to BLAST Grand Final after crushing NIP

The Ninjas did not put up much of a fight versus Astralis

NIP and Astralis went head-to-head for a spot in the Grand Final and what on paper looked like a close matchup was everything but.

Astralis got off to a great start on the T-side of their own map pick: Nuke. NIP luckily managed to recover quite nicely and were only behind by a single round at halftime despite being down by four rounds at one point.
After the break, The Swedes looked to come back and take away the lead from the Danes. Instead, they were met by a brick wall. The Swedes managed to take a chip out of the wall four times, but ultimately it was just too solid for them, and Astralis secured the first map at 16-11.

The next map up was NIP’s pick of Mirage which on paper should be an easier task for the Swedes even though the Bad News Eagles humiliated them on the very same map just a few days ago.
No matter what advantages the Ninjas were able to get early on, they could not seem to capitalize on them as the two dangerous Danes “blameF” and “Farlig” were a step ahead every time. The Swedes would have to make the comeback of all comebacks to win this map as they were behind 14-1 at the break.
Astralis quickly ended the map at 16-1 and eliminated the Swedish Ninjas from BLAST.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Astralis - NIP 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 Europe

16-11 (Nuke) | gla1ve - 1.39 Rating / 26-18 K-D / 92.9 ADR

16-1 (Mirage) | Farlig - 2.20 Rating / 22-7 K-D / 138.2 ADR

MVP: Asger "Farlig" Jensen - 1.59 Rating / 43-24 K-D / 104.0 ADR

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