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Top 15 teams with most prize won in CS:GO history

Which teams have racked up the most money throughout the years?

There have been many big dynasties throughout the history of CS:GO. First, we saw the Swedes from Fnatic and Ninjas Pyjamas dominate the scene in the early years, before witnessing Astralis and their glory days from 2017-2019 where they ruled the entire CS:GO world, winning up no more than four Major titles. in 2021, we saw Natus Vincere dominate the scene, and in the first half of 2022 FaZe came back and dominate the CSGO scene.

But which teams have racked up the most amount of prize money in history?

In this article, we present you the 15 highest-earning CS:GO teams since the beginning of the game 10 years ago.

And with little surprise, it’s the before-mentioned Danes from Astralis who top the list with a whooping $9.5 Million in earnings. They are followed closely by Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and the rest of NAVI after the CIS team won $4,275,500 in 2021, which is the record for most prize money in a calendar year for any CS:GO team.

Top 15 teams with the most prize money won in CS:GO history

1. Astralis | $9,517,048.71

2. NAVI | $9,010,579.84

3. FaZe | $5,594,778.94

4. Liquid | $5,395,341.35

5. Fnatic | $5,084,669.80

6. | $4,354,671.63

7. Ninjas in Pyjamas | $3,642,913.37

8. MOUZ | $3,589,072.95

9. Gambit | $3,553,377.96

10. G2 | $3,513,604.84

11. SK Gaming | $2,866,276.54

12. Cloud9 | $2,827,541.19

13. Vitality | $2,664,204.50

14. Team Envy | $2,278,485.67

15. Heroic | $2,337,147.82

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