Credit: Nemiga

Video: iDISBALANCE with a fantastic clutch!

The Russian AWPer delivered a fantastic clutch against Gambit in their loss against the Giants!

iDISBALANCE made a great advert for himself as he delivered a fantastic map on Vertigo against the Giants from Gambit.

The Twenty-four-year-old delivered a fantastic result on Vertigo where he got a rating of 1.30 after the match, but he was unstoppable in the second half, where he at the point of this play at 11-11 had 22 kills and only died 11 times.

After this moment things got heated as Gambit turned an extra gear on to win the map on overtime, in what almost became a sensation after Nemiga´s shock win on Inferno on the first map.

Watch the fantastic play by iDISBALANCE here:

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