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Video: GeT_RiGhT is still a machine in CS:GO!

The legendary Swede is still slaying his opponents, even long after his retirement

When talking about the biggest CS:GO teams in the history of the Counter-Strike, it is impossible not to mention the Swedish powerhouse that was Ninjas in Pyjamas. At the beginning of CS:GO, back in 2012, there were few teams who even came close to the impressive level of NiP. With confidence and momentum, the Swedes defined the first-ever era in CS:GO. Once upon a time, NiP managed to win 10 consecutive LAN events in a row without dropping a single map in the process, something that has never been done since.

Whilst "f0rest" stole the hearts of many in the CS:GO community, a player that was equally important for the dangerous NiP roster, and is by many considered one of the smartest CS:GO players to have entered the game, is "GeT_RiGhT".

Whilst, the now 32-year-old rifler, is no longer an active professional CS:GO player, he is still reminding us why he was such an incredible player and an integral part of the NiP machine back in the day.

Take a look at some of the highlights "GeT_RiGhT" has accumulated since his retirement from the professional scene:

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