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Video: Behind the scenes with NiP

We are finally back to LAN events - NiP invites us all to get a closer look

With the PGL Major 2021 that took place in Stockholm, we are finally beginning to see the return of LAN events and the plentiful amount of entertainment that follows such events. Whilst NiP didn't make it past the Quarter-Finals of the event, they were a big part of creating a great atmosphere in the arena. With many Swedes following their journey it was sad to see them disappoint when facing G2, however, they made sure to make the most of the experience.

In a Youtube video posted on their own Youtube channel, the NiP team invites us all a step closer to what it really looks like behind the scenes of a Major event. From chilling to strategizing, and even going onto the big stage surrounded by fans from across the world, the NiP roster seems to be enjoying themselves back in the LAN environment.

Take a look at how things looked like at the NiP camp the day they faced G2 in the Quarter-Finals of the PGL Major 2021:

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