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Sangal eliminate BIG from BLAST Showdown

Sangal made a fine comeback to win the match on Vertigo.

BIG has been dubbed as the big outsider at BLAST Fall Showdown to prevent either Heroic or Team Vitality to qualify for the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

The Germans had to take down Sangal in their opening match at the event, but that proved to be a tough task for tabseN and his men.

On the solid ground on Dust2, BIG had no problems winning their own map pick. A high-flying Florian "syrsoN" Rische performed incredibly with 23 AWP kills of the 30 kills he delivered during Dust2.

But on Inferno, BIG was once again exposed. With two wins in all of 2022 on the map, BIG still has a lot of work to do on the map. Sangal scored 10 rounds on their T-side and followed through as CT’s. A 16-9 win for Sangal took the match into Vertigo.

The upset alarm bells were ringing before the decider map. Vertigo is not usually a good map for BIG, while Sangal has taken down teams such as MOUZ and ECSTATIC recently. BIG started out winning the first half 9-6, and just kept on pushing in the second half. syrsoN once again came on fire, but at 15-10, BIG fell completely apart. Sangal took over the server and forced the match to overtime, where they eliminated BIG after an impressive comeback!

Sangal is now through to the Semi-Finals, while BIG is out of the event.


BIG - Sangal 1-2 | BLAST Fall Showdown

16-11 (Dust2) | syrsoN – 1.74 Rating / 30–13 K-D / 102.5 ADR

9-16 (Inferno) | phzy – 1.43 Rating / 24–13 K-D / 86.7 ADR

16-19 (Vertigo) | syrsoN – 1.36 Rating / 33–22 K-D / 95.4 ADR

MVP: Florian "syrsoN" Rische


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