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MOUZ defeats Sangal after thriller ending

In a dramatic match, MOUZ secured their ticket to Rio.

The last qualification matches of Group B seem to be one long thriller for everyone involved. Earlier on BIG qualified after a close match against K23, and a couple of hours later, it was MOUZ's turn.

Christopher 'dexter' Nong's troops started well by winning Sangal's map pick of Inferno after overtime. A big blow for Sangal, but the European mix team came out even better on Vertigo. A strong CT side laid an excellent foundation for Sangal to steal MOUZ's map pick back.

Ancient was the setting for the last map. MOUZ went 10-5 ahead on their CT side, but Sangal would not give up on the dream of making it to Rio. Down 13-6, Sangal made it all the way to 11-13 before MOUZ finally put an end to the streak. It all ended with a 1vs1 situation with Jon "JDC" de Castro winning the clutch and securing MOUZ the ticket to the Major and a comeback after missing out in Antwerp.

MOUZ - Sangal 2-1 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group B)

19-16 (Inferno) | kory – 1.28 Rating / 29–23 K-D / 82.0 ADR

9-16 (Vertigo) | Soulfly – 1.55 Rating / 25–18 K-D / 108.2 ADR

16-12 (Ancient) | xertioN – 1.65 Rating / 28–17 K-D / 109.9 ADR

Player of the match: David 'frozen' Čerňanský

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