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Russian wonderkid shines at WePlay Academy League

Ilya ”m0NESY” Osipov has been an unstoppable force so far at the promising academy league.

Earlier this month, WePlay announced the creation of a new tournament, consisting entirely of academy teams and talent programs. The tournament organizers and their inventive initiative presented a massive $100.000 prize pool, which the world best youngsters now compete for.

After the first week of play, we’ve seen several teams fight for a top place, with especially fnatic Rising, mouz NXT, and NAVI Junior presenting great form.

In the individual ratings, it’s quite clear who the top performer has been so far. Because NAVI Junior’s Ilya ”m0NESY” Osipov has been firing all on cylinders in the first 7 rounds of the event. The just 16-year-old Russian has posted a stellar overall rating of 1.73 – Including a 2.52, 2.50 and 2.31 rating against FURIA Academy, VP.Prodigy and fnatic Rising respectively.

Here m0NESY shows glimpses of his incredible talents when he and NAVI Junior took on FURIA Academy, where he dismantled the Brazilians in this strong play.

Highest Rating | WePlay Academy League Season 1

1. m0NESY (NAVI Junior) | 1.73

2. MistR (Astralis Talent) | 1.48

3. Aunkere (NAVI Junior) | 1.31

4. regali (fnatic Rising) | 1.30

5. xertioN (mouz NXT) | 1.25

Standings (Round difference) | WePlay Academy League Season 1

1. mouz NXT | 18 Points (+20)

2. NAVI Junior | 15 Points (+18)

3. fnatic Rising | 15 Points (+14)

4. BIG Academy | 15 Points (+4)

5. Young Ninjas | 12 Points (+14)

6. Astralis Talent | 9 Points (-4)

7. VP.Prodigy | 6 Points (-30)

8. FURIA Academy | 6 Points (-36)

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