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REZ: We think that we can beat everyone

NiP got off to a great start at IEM Cologne 2022 by beating Heroic, we talked with "REZ" just after

Whilst there is still no sign of the legendary "device" on the current active NiP roster, the four Swedes and a single Dane that make up the roster of NiP are on a roll. After having their IGL in "hampus" join up with the team in person once again, it seems as if the Ninjas in Pyjamas could go quite far in the prestigious IEM Cologne 2022 event if they keep up their great performance. Having just beat Heroic 2-0 in their first Bo3-series, NiP are off to a great start at the event.


We talked with NIP's main rifler and star player "REZ" just after their victory in the Scandinavian brawl against Heroic. The satisfaction wasn't hard to spot on the 24-year-old face of "REZ" and when asked about their goals at the IEM Cologne event 2022, the Swede was confident and said the following:

"We had this talk before the tournament, in Stockholm, and we are aiming for the trophy right now. We think we can beat everyone and we believe we can. We just have to do it."

To hear more of what the confident "REZ" had to say after their victory against Heroic you can watch the exclusive interview posted down below:

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