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Promising Bulgarian enters free agency

The 20-year old talent is the second player to leave c0ntact this week.

The Bulgarian player Georgi "SHiPZ" Grigorov has announced his free agency due to his contract with c0ntact being over. The promising rifler is therefore up for grabs, after spending a year at the American organization. In December 2020, c0ntact allegedly placed its entire roster on the transfer list which explains the player leavings from Rigon "rigoN" Gashi and now SHiPZ.

The former CR4ZY player states that he enjoyed his tenure at c0ntact, but that’s he ready for a new team and organization.

“No longer part of, it was a pleasure to be part of the org and the team and I wish them all the best. I am now a free agent if anyone is interested DM me.”

The 20-year old player has been on the bench at c0ntact since August 2020, which has meant that SHiPZ has played some tournaments with both SKADE and MBAPPEK.

SHiPZ stats (2020):

Rating: 1.06

ADR: 76.7

KPR: 0.71

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