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Dignitas eliminates c0ntact at Flashpoint 2

The Nordic team defeated c0ntact after a three map thriller.

In a very even match, Dignitas stood on top after a nerve-wracking brawl.

It started one-sided though. On Nuke the Nordic team from Dignitas were superior with Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli as the dangerman with +14 in K/D. Dignitas took home the map with 16-10.

On Dust2 the roles changed. Lotan “Spinx” Giladi destroyed the Nordic team. With a career high performance, he totaled 40 kills in just 24 rounds in c0ntacts 16-8 win. With an average of 161.7 ADR, the Israelian stole the show!

The decider map was Inferno.

c0ntact started as the Terrorist side and had success with taking the bombsites. They went into halftime leading 9-6 with Spinx once again putting in the numbers.

After the break, Dignitas took seven rounds in a row! And all of a sudden c0ntact were on their way home after a promising start to the Flashpoint tournament.

Dignitas won Inferno by 16-11.

Team Dignitas - c0ntact 2-1 (16-10, 8-16, 16-11)

Dignitas will face Fnatic on Thursday in the Consolidation Final in group A.

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