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Player of the day: Fredrik "REZ" Sterner

We have found our player of the day!

The second quarter-final of ESL Pro League Season 15 was between NIP and Liquid. Thanks to a well-played Fredrik "REZ" Sterner, NIP advanced to the semi-final. The 24-year-old started to get some much-needed multi-kills for NIP to get rounds on the board. The Swedish proved a stellar performance, topping the scoreboard with a 1.41 rating and 79-58 K-D. REZ played a key role in the series to help his team to earn their spot in the semi-finals.

Ancient stats:

28-17 K-D | 89.2 ADR | 83.3% KAST | 1.50 Rating

Overpass stats:

28-25 K-D | 108.2 ADR | 66.7% KAST | 1.26 Rating

Inferno stats:

23-16 K-D | 99.2 ADR | 89.3% KAST | 1.49 Rating

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