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NIP eliminates G2 from IEM Cologne

A third-map thriller ended with Swedish joy.

In a do-or-die match in the lower brackets of IEM Cologne, it was NIP who secured themselves the possibility of qualifying for the playoffs next week by beating G2.

It all started on Ancient, where NIP had hoped to be the better team. But with only three rounds on their T-side, the damage was done in the first half, though the Swedes tried their best to make the comeback.

The roles were reversed on Nuke, where the Swedes dominated the first half winning 13 CT rounds before G2 gave it a run for the money as CTs. They came close, but not close enough to prevent the match from going to the third map.

Inferno was the setting of a true brawl between the two teams that did not want to end their season by being knocked out early from Cologne. This time NIP managed to win 10 T rounds, which in this match was almost unheard of. But then G2 started replicating the Swedish Ninjas and suddenly the score was 12-12! But from here on there was only one team on the server. NIP won the match in the end after a defuse from Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, who secured himself and his teammates another day at the tournament.

The Swedes will play MOUZ tomorrow for a spot in the playoffs of IEM Cologne.

NIP - G2 2-1 | IEM Cologne

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