Credit: Adela Sznajder, ESL

Ninjas in Pyjamas eliminates OG

Hampus and co. are ready to play in the Quater-Final.

Ninjas in Pyjamas secure themselves a spot at the BLAST Premier Fall Quater Final after beating OG in dominant fashion. Despite a close first map ending in an overtime victory in favor of NIP, OG showed great form on their own map pick.

Up next was the map pick of Ninjas in Pyjamas Vertigo. A great T side from NIP where they pressed the speeder from the very start. The first half ended with an 8-7 score line in favor of OG. Switching over to the CT side, NIP controlled A ramp and won all the duels coming towards them. A dominant 2-0 win for NIP takes them to the Semi-Final where they will be facing the loser of FaZe and Heroic.

OG - Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-2 | BLAST Premier Fall Finals

19-22 (Ancient) | Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen – 1.26 Rating / 34-29 K-D / 90.5 ADR

10-16 (Vertigo) | Hampus 'hampus' Poser – 1.53 Rating / 28-61 K-D / 120.4 ADR

MVP: Hampus 'hampus' Poser – 1.35 Rating / 61-43 K-D / 96.5 ADR / 77.5% KAST

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