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New EXTREMUM roster defeat Polish legends 2-1

The opening round of Snow Sweet Snow 1 has EXTREMUM defeating Honoris

The newly shaped roster of EXTREMUM took on Honoris in their opening round of the Snow Sweet Snow 1 event. Whilst it was far from a perfect performance from the new roster of EXTREMUM, they managed to muster up a solid victory against the Polish legends in "NEO" and "TaZ" from Honoris. They now need two more BO3 victories in order to advance to the playoffs.

The first map between the two rosters took place on Honoris' map pick, Mirage. The two teams went toe to toe in the opening rounds of the map and went to halftime as close as possible with a scoreline of 8-7, favoring the Polish side. The second half, however, was dominated by EXTREMUM as they managed to string together 9 rounds, whilst Honoris only managed a single round in the second half. This, of course, meant that EXTREMUM could walk away with a 16-9 victory on their first-ever official map together.

The second map took place on Inferno. Once again the two rosters refused to give an inch to their opponents and the rounds were as close as possible. In the end, however, it was Honoris, lead by Polish "reiko", to have the slight edge over their opponents and ultimately take home the narrow win on Inferno with a scoreline of 16-14.

This, of course, meant a third and final between the two competitors. They would have to prove themselves the better roster over on Nuke as the match was set to be decided there. The two previous maps had been close, however, this wasn't the case on Nuke. EXTREMUM started their t-sided half with absolute dominance and managed to create a 13-2 lead going into the second half. Despite Honoris' best attempt to make a comeback, EXTREMUM closed Nuke 16-8 and thereby also the series 2-1.

The win against Honoris marks the first-ever BO3-series, as well as BO3-victory, for the new EXTREMUM roster. In order to advance to the playoffs of the event, they will now only have to win two more matches.

16-9 EXTREMUM (Mirage) | BnTeT 1.46 Rating / 92.7 ADR / 23-15 K-D

16-14 Honoris (Inferno) | reiko 1.27 Rating / 89.8 ADR / 24-19 K-D

16-8 EXTREMUM (Nuke) | Liazz 1.65 Rating / 98.5 ADR / 23-13 K-D

Highlight of the BO3-series:


Joakim "jkaem" Myrbostad | 1.23 Rating - 54-46 K/D - 80.4 ADR - 77.2% KAST

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