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EXTREMUM captain: We make a sh*t ton of mistakes

EXTREMUM’s IGL spoke with HLTV.org about the team’s struggles and mistakes in their official games.

HLTV.org caught up with Aaron “AZR” Ward to talk about EXTREMUM’s poor results, struggles, mistakes in-game, and the criticism that they have received from fans. The EXTREMUM captain doesn’t run away from his responsibilities in this tough situation that they currently are facing and acknowledges the criticism that is coming his squad’s way, saying is fair and natural.

“I definitely don’t think we are playing up to our standard. When we come into our official games we make a sh*t ton of mistakes, ridiculous stuff. Mistakes, miscommunication, whatever, there is definitely a lot to improve on.”

“In general, we’ve been playing pretty sh*tty, to put it like that, and we are going through a big adjustment period with BnTeT and Liazz, we are still trying to figure out the best way to put them in better positions for themselves, with communication and stuff with BnTeT, it’s been a little bit rough, but it is just stuff we need to fix.”

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