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NaToSaphix: "People still nade that pit and yell Dosia"

Pros answer: What is the best Major graffiti in the game?

There have been many cool and defining Counter-Strike moments throughout the years and to pick a favorite isn't easy. To commemorate some of the biggest moments, from the Majors, in CS:GO's history, there is a handful of 'easter eggs' placed on various maps in the game. From "s1mple" and his crazy highlight on Train to "Dosia" and his 200 IQ grenade in the pit of Inferno, these plays have been immortalized as graffiti in the game.

But what is the coolest and most impactful graffiti in the game of Counter-Strike? CSGO Rivalry sat down with different professional players and asked them to give their 'two cents' on the topic. Danish CS:GO player Niels Christian "NaToSaphix" Sillassen claims that the "Dosia" graffiti was the most impactful highlight in terms of Counter-Strike as a whole:

"The best graffiti is probably the olof one on Overpass where he has the flames and the wings, as if he is like a guadian angel, I think that one is the nicest to look at. In terms of the graffiti I would pick to have the most impact on a game would probably be the "coldzera" graffiti. In terms of the graffiti that had the most impact on CS:GO as a whole I would say is the Dosia nade. People still nade that pit and yell Dosia. It really changed peoples thinking on how to kill saving players on Inferno."

You can hear more about the various graffiti sprays and the different opinions from the CS:GO pros in the video posted down below:

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