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Live: EXTREMUM vs. Izako Boars – Dignitas vs. EC Kyiv

Two exciting matchups at Snow Sweet Snow 1 are about to kick off. Tune in!

The star-studded ex-100 Thieves core suffered their first loss under the EXTREMUM banner yesterday after losing 2-1 to Winstrike. Today they will try to overcome and take down Izako Boars to get their second victory in the tournament, while on the other stream, the CS legends from Dignitas are set to face off EC Kyiv and are big favorites going into the match. 

All four teams have a 1-1 record so far, but who will make it 2-1? 

Watch the games live here and find out: 

EXTREMUM – Izako Boars | Kick-off: 12.15 

Dignitas – EC Kyiv | Kick-off: 12:15 

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