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Credit: Adela Sznajder, ESL

Grayhound secures second win at EPL S17

NIP will play in the Last Chance Stage.

Grayhound secured their second win at the event after winning 2-1 over NIP in a Group C lower bracket semi-final. The losing team goes to Group C Last Chance Stage. The mixed European roster took an important win over Grayhound on Ancient. A great CT side from NIP was enough for them to close out the game in the end. Despite the map being Grayhound´s map pick, NIP dominated the Australian roster and won the map 16-2.

Vertigo was up next. Grayhound won the pistol rounds this time around. The Australian roster played a great CT side to go up 11-4. Needing only five rounds to close out the game, Grayhound stood tall against NIP on their map pick. Grayhound won the map 16-9.

Mirage came out as the last map of the series. A close encounter between the two teams ended up in a Grayhound victory. The Australian team got nine rounds on the weaker T side to close out the game despite losing the first half 8-7.

NIP - Grayhound 2-1 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Liazz- 1.13 rating / 52-47 K-D / 81.3 ADR

With the loss against Grayhound, NIP is now set to play for their survival in the Last Chance Stage.

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