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es3tag: "I've always looked up to device as an AWP'er"

CS:GO pros answer who their favorite AWP'er of all time is

Just as it is the striker that steals the most headlines and attention in football, the AWP'er is often the most talked-about player within a given CS:GO roster, and for good reason. 'The big green' is by far the most powerful weapon a player can hold in CS:GO and if in the hands of the right player, it can win or lose rounds singlehandedly. The impact an AWP'er has in any given CS:GO match has not become less over the years, and because of it we have seen a shift in the meta, where AWP'ers play more passive in order to stay alive longer and secure a maximum amount of impact for their team.

Despite the shift in the meta, making more and more AWP'ers take a passive approach, there a still plenty of different playing styles and each has its own strength and weaknesses. When asked about who his favorite AWP'er of all time is, the Danish 26-year-old NiP player pointed toward his own teammate as the answer to the question:

"I would probably say "device". I've always looked up to him as an AWP'er. He is great at positioning and he is a really smart player."

To hear more about which AWP'er different CS:GO pros point toward as their all-time favorite, you can watch the video posted below where Betway esports asks various different pros to give their take on the topic:

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