es3tag: My dad initially thought he had ruined my life by introducing me to gaming |

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es3tag: My dad initially thought he had ruined my life by introducing me to gaming

In an interview with, the Dane talked about how his father’s passion for gaming helped determine his future.

NiP’s Patrick “es3tag” Hansen is currently to be found in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he and the rest of his team are participating in the BLAST Premier Fall Final event. Today at 19:00 (CET), they are going up against s1mple and company from NAVI in the quarter-finals to find out who will meet FaZe in the semi-finals on Saturday. caught up with es3tag ahead of the Fall Finals, to talk about NiP’s plans for the future, the roster, and also his dad’s passion which helped determine his future in Counter-Strike.

In the interview, es3tag explains how he got into gaming because of his dad, who initially though he had ruined his son’s life by introducing him to gaming. After many years, es3tag proved him wrong on that.

“I got into gaming all because of my dad. He used to play when I was a kid. I used to watch him while I was growing up, and I always dreamed of such. He lived on this thing that we call the Mountain, even though there are no mountains in Denmark, so it's funny. And they were all sitting, you know, five guys next to each other just playing all day. And I would just watch. And they were super casual about it, and it wasn't high-level. And it used to be a dream of mine to someday get to that. And I made it to a much bigger scale.

My dad initially thought he had ruined my life by introducing me to gaming. But I'm happy to prove him wrong, and now I can support them financially and give back in ways that they gave me throughout my life. So it's great. But with this kind of job, you don't get to spend much time with family. So I take it where I can, whether it's at an arena or whatnot. If they can come and see me, it's a lot easier for me because I don't really have time. But Christmas is right around the corner, so I'm looking forward to spend some time with my family.”

What were your father and his friends playing?

They were playing Counter-Strike 1.6. Yes, it was 1.6.

Some kind of family business, huh?

Yeah, you could say that. Back then, there was this Danish website called BoomTown, kinda like FACEIT, and people played on BoomTown servers. Then, he played these really obscure weapons that nobody used, and he would essentially showplay with the one called the Pump Gun. And it wasn't a very good weapon, but he would be the number one with the most kills on the pump gun. And he would always brag about it. <laughs>.”

You can read the full interview with es3tag right here.

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