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Credit: Joe Brady

Complexity ready for thriller match against mousesports

The Juggernaut had to work hard to secure an all-or-nothing match later today.

Complexity lived up to their status as favorites in the match against Wisla Krakow. But it was not without a fight.

It started comfortably for The Juggernaut, who tore the Poles apart on their own map pick on Inferno. But going to Mirage it looked like a much more even match, especially with Olek "hades" Miskiewicz in great shape on the AWP. Wisla Krakow went up 10-5 in the first half, and though they lost the lead during the second half, they still forced the map to overtime, where they eventually took home the victory.

Nuke was left as the decider. Here the Poles went behind 5-10 at the break, but they still had the CT-side in the second half to turn the match around. But though they won the pistol-round, there was never any doubt of the final result. The Danish Duo blameF and k0nfig stole the show during Nuke and made an impressive effort to secure their team a 16-9 win.

Complexity will now face mousesports later tonight for a spot in the main tournament at IEM Katowice, while Wisla Krakow is done and dusted at the event.

Wisla Krakow - Complexity 1-2 (5-16, 19-16, 9-16)

MVP: blameF - 1.52 rating / 77-50 K-D / 100.8 ADR

Highlight of the match:

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