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Video: Mythic player wins 1v5 clutch on Mirage

tweiss took down five players for ATK all alone.

ATK took on team Mythic in the ESL Challenger League Season 43 North America. Going into the match, ATK was the clear favorite. Team Mythic is currently placed 113 on the HLTV world ranking list whereas ATK is placed 40. ATK dominated the match from the start winning Mythic´s own map pick 4-16 and Mirage 5-16.

On Mirage, we saw a peak of what the NA scene can offer as tweiss took down five players of ATK in a 1v5 clutch. Being alone vs five, tweiss played the clutch to perfection. Tweiss takes the duels 1v1 so the duels always are in his favor.

Despite winning the clutch 1v5, tweiss and co. saw themself lose the next two rounds and lose the map.

Check out the impressive 1v5 clutch right here:

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