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Video: 1vs4 Ninja defuse from Swisher against FURIA

ATK did not stand a chance against FURIA but still ended up making the highlight of the match.

The North Americans from ATK were given a hard task last night. As a last-minute replacement team the two Americans, two South Africans, and one Swede on the team had to face FURIA in the opening round of the single-elimination tournament, BLAST Premier Spring Showdown NA.

The match ended as expected with a clear 2-0 win for FURIA. But during the map of Inferno, it was Michael 'Swisher' Schmid from ATK that stole the headlines.

In a 1vs4 situation, the American player suddenly found himself completely alone on the A-bomb site, while all the remaining FURIA players had gone out to hunt him down. He was so alone, that he pulled through a 10-second defuse to win the round.

FURIA will play fellow Brazilians from GODSENT tomorrow at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

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