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SKADE are the winners of Elisa Invitational Winter 2021!

SKADE convincingly beat HEET in two maps!

The Grand Final of Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 had the two top30 teams of SKADE and HEET going head to head. The teams found themselves in the Grand Finals after knocking out the two top20 teams of Copenhagen Flames, and ENCE in the semi-finals.

The match kicked off on SKADE’s pick of Overpass, a map that the Bulgarians have a 6-1 record on over the last three months.
The T-side of SKADE got off to a great start, going 6-1 before HEET started to show themselves on the map. Even though the French side managed to answer back a little bit, overall, they did not have a lot of success in the opening half, as they were constantly losing opening duels on the B-site. SKADE led by 10-5 at halftime.
The Bulgarians continued their winning ways in the second half as they extended their lead by taking another pistol round, and a conversion. HEET now started showing signs of life, but it was too little too late, as their opponents were reading them very well. It was all said and done after 24 rounds, as “bubble” led his squad to a victory on map 1 at 16-8.

The action continued on HEET’s pick of Dust2, where the Bulgarians once again got off to a great start. This was massively due to an explosive start for “dream3r”, who carried his team to a 5-0 lead. HEET answered back with force, almost equalizing the score before SKADE once again took control of the game and put themselves in a winning position with a 10-5 halftime score.
The Frenchmen took the second half pistol round in convincing fashion, as they still had five people left alive at the end of the round. HEET converted the following anti-eco, but as soon as SKADE got their hands on some rifles they seemed like the strongest team. This led the Bulgarians to map- and match-point at 15-8. The French side was not able to do any more damage and the map went in favor of SKADE at 16-8.

With the win over HEET, the Bulgarians of SKADE are the champions of Elisa Invitational Winter 2021

SKADE – HEET 2-0 | Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 (Grand Final)

16-8 (Overpass) | dennyslaw – 1.54 Rating / 22-12 K-D / 90.9 ADR

16-8 (Dust2) | dream3r – 1.94 Rating / 30-12 K-D / 124.8 ADR

MVP: Simeon "dream3r" Ganev – 1.60 Rating / 48-25 K-D / 98.8 ADR

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