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Lucky: It’s very nice to be back in a place where you know you feel at home

The former Astralis AWPer returns to Tricked and will reunite with three old teammates.

The Danish organization, Tricked, has announced the return of Philip “Lucky” Ewald, who played over 250 maps under the Tricked banner before leaving back in August 2021. Lucky, who is 19 years old will reunite with three of his old teammates in Oliver “kwezz” Rasmussen, Andreas “kiR” Kirstein, and Mathias “PR1mE” Carlsen, who haven’t had an AWPer in their roster since Sebastian “Larsen” Larsen was moved to the bench in May.

“After being in a place where it was very turbulent and at times chaotic with many replacements on the team, it’s very nice to be back in a place where you know you feel at home and where you know how things work. The ambition with Tricked is definitely to get back to where it is fun – here I hope that I can provide the last push in that direction,” Lucky said in the press release.

The Danish organization is also very happy to welcome back Lucky, where it is especially his firepower that the team is looking forward to seeing once again.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to welcome Lucky back after his trip to Astralis. Unfortunately, he did not get the stay he and we wanted for him, but we have at no time lost faith in his enormous talent. The team has clearly lacked some of his qualities and firepower since the sale last year, so the joy of reunion is great. I am proud that Lucky shows us the confidence that he trusts that we can get him back on the top.” – Tricked CEO, Morten Høj Jensen

Tricked’s roster now:

Philip “Lucky” Ewald
Andreas “kiR” Kirstein
Oliver “IceBerg” Berg
Mathias “PR1mE” Carlsen
Oliver “kwezz” Rasmussen

Philippe “Winspai” Mølgaard Ouabaid (coach)

Sebastian “Larsen” Larsen (benched)

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