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DBL Poney behind another surprise, takes down Sprout

The new French roster is ready for the playoffs at Fantasyexpo Spring Cup.

They are the big story of the day. DBL Poney, a newly formed French roster with only 20 days as a team, has qualified for the playoff stage at Fantasyexpo Spring Cup, where they now have a real shot at qualifying for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

They started the day by winning their opening match against mousesports. They repeated the feat an hour later when they took down the Germans from Sprout. The Frenchmen have the two former G2 players bodyy and Lucky on the roster and have NBK- as their fifth man stand-in. Against Sprout Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt was again among the best on the server proving, that he is still able to make a difference in top-tier Counter-Strike.

DBL Poney - mousesports 16-12 (MVP: Lucas 'Lucky' Chastang - 1.36 rating / 26-16 K-D / 88.5 ADR)
DBL Poney - Sprout 16-9 (MVP: Aurélien 'afroo' Drapier - 1.38 rating / 23-14 K-D / 81.6 ADR)

Highlight: Lucky's 1vs3 clutch that handed Sprout a devasting loss in a crucial round.

Sprout face mousesports later tonight for the last spot in the playoff stage.

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