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Smooya’s Benched Heroes in talks with British organization

Will we see the orgless roster compete under a new name in the future?

The European mix called Benched Heroes, which features Owen “Smooya” Butterfield on the AWP, may soon play under a new banner and with an organization as backing.

Because according to team member Evgeniy "Aunkere" Karyat, the roster has received an offer from an unidentified British organization to represent them going forward, Aunkere recently said.

- Smooya got contacted by [a] British organization. He and fear talked with them about signing us. In theory, if we will come to an agreement on price, we will be competing under their tag instead of Benched Heroes. They gave us a really good offer, we are still thinking about it. If it will not work out, I will definitely share or at least hint at how much we got offered, but the sum is very good. I'm glad me and fear decided to make this team and such guys got interested in us - Transcript by

Ready for RMR

With a five-man side of Smooya, Aunkere, fear, Michu, and Calyx, Benched Heroes managed to qualify for the European RMR tournament in Malta next month. Here they will compete against the CS:GO elite for a spot at the prestigious IEM Rio Major taking place in October-November this year.

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