CSGO, Counter Strike

Credit: ESL - Dylan Esguerra

Third map thriller sends Renegades through to the Grand Final!

Renegades best AVANT 2-1 in the Consolidation Final and move through to the Grand Final.

With Renegades taking the first map of the series over on the Dust2 and AVANT securing Inferno the match was to be decided on the third and final map Overpass.

Despite having played two maps, prior to this one, it seemed as if Renegades wasn't quite ready for AVANT. The scoreline was, to say the least, disappointing for any Renegades fans, as they ended their t-side at 12-3 favoring the CT's of AVANT. However, Renegades didn't give up and came back ready and eager to fight in the second half.

Once again it was a dominating CT-side performance, this time by Renegades. They managed to win 11 consecutive rounds and ultimately forced overtime. Despite an incredible performance from AVANT player "HaZR", his 38 kills weren't enough to secure his team the win, and Renegades managed to defeat AVANT 2-1 and secure their place in the Grand Final of DreamHack Masters Winter (Oceania)

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