Profiled rifler part ways with Isurus

NikoM's days are numbered at the South American, as he wishes to continue his career at another team.

The Argentineans from Isurus must do without their otherwise powerful player Nicolás "NikoM" Miozzi in the future.  On Twitter, the 24-year-old rifler has just announced his departure from the South American top team, quoting:

-“I am no longer part of Isurus. Thanks for the short amount of time shared; for my part I want to find a team and continue competing”

This was the second time NikoM has represented Isurus, after having played for strong teams as TeamOne and x6tence. His second tenure at the Argentinian team only lasted a couple of months, where he and the team didn’t display a particular impressive form of levels throughout the 14 matches he participated in.

Isurus | Roster

Nicolás "⁠Noktse⁠" Dávila

Roberto "⁠reversive⁠" Themtham

Marcos "⁠deco⁠" Amato

Tomas "⁠tom1⁠" Rivero

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