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Polish team makes changes in their roster

PACT has been making some changes in their lineup after the departures of Kacper “darko” Ściera and Maciej” Bielany” Biliński.

The Polish team has welcomed Paweł “reatz” Jańczak to their lineup and announced the return of Kamil “Sobol” Sobolewski to join the active roster, after he spent the latest two months on the bench. The move seems like a new wave for PACT since the member, as darko leaves the team after a three-year period with the organization.

Back in July, reatz decided to not extend his contract with AGO. He left the team just six months after his arrival when the team began to use Eryk “leman” Kocęba instead of the 26-year-old rifler. Now he will try to get his career going again with his new contract with PACT.

At this time the Polish team is ranked 67th, and PACT is aiming to qualify for season 39 of ESEA after having missed out on the relegation for season 38.

PACT | Roster

Dawid "⁠lunAtic⁠" Cieślak

Jacek "⁠MINISE⁠" Jeziak

Bartosz "⁠bnox⁠" Niebisz

Kamil "⁠Sobol⁠" Sobolewski

Paweł "⁠reatz⁠" Jańczak

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