Heroic captain on refrezh and sjuush: They have undeniable talent but also a very strong work ethic

cadiaN praises his two new additions on Heroic after a historically good ESL Pro League victory.

Back in February this year Heroic decided to move into a new direction, as they announced the departure of their loyal servants Johannes "⁠b0RUP⁠" Borup and Nikolaj "⁠niko⁠" Kristensen, after a series of bad results.

The Danish top team had their replacements ready behind the scenes, with them signing the promising duo of Rasmus "⁠sjuush⁠" Beck and Ismail "⁠refrezh⁠" Ali from MAD Lions. A move, which should prove out to be a very great tradesmanship for the Danes.

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Casper “cadiaN” Møller and his new-look Heroic side did the unthinkable at ESL Pro League Season 13, where they managed to take home the prestigious title, even though having made these late roster moves.

Hear the profiled captain talk about refrezh and sjuush and their impressive showing at ESL Pro League.

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