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Hatz: The only way to get the best practice is in Europe

The Australian ORDER player discusses whether or not a move to Europe might be needed

After taking a beating to the in-form BIG roster, ORDER will have to recoup and collect themselves before fighting for survival in their Bo3-series tomorrow. ORDER are one of the big underdogs at the event, however, they have shown great promise in the Oceania region as of late.

Could ORDER become what Renegades once were? Whilst the obvious answer might be no, you can never rule the Australians out when they first find their groove within a given roster. The difficulty with evolving as a team in the Oceania region, however, is very apparent. When asked about a possible move to Europe "Hatz" had the following answer:

"I think it is vital. At this current time everybody is in Europe. The only way to get the best practice is in Europe, so I do think it is vital to move to Europe."

To hear more from "Hatz" following their defeat to BIG, you can watch our interview with him down below:

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