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Extra Salt sign 18-year-old "FaNg"

The North American team has finalized their 2021 roster with the new signing

With Extra Salt missing the final piece of their roster in a fifth member and Justin "FaNg" Coakley being without a professional contract the move seems perfect for both parties involved. Whilst it has been rumored that the signing of "FaNg" to Extra Salt was going to happen earlier this week it has now been confirmed by the organization in a post on their Twitter page.

The contract that the young Canadian player has signed will mark a new challenge in his promising career and he seems more than excited to begin his journey with his new teammates at Extra Salt. "Super excited to get a chance to play with these guys. I'm going to be putting in more work than ever, and I've never felt more motivated" he states in a Twitter post.

In his former team Rugratz the Canadian talent managed a rating of 1.12 over his entire stay with the club. At such a young age and being put to the test at a higher level than experienced before, it is exciting to see how well he performs at his new team.

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