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Who has the most kills at big events of all time?

The Danish superstar has the most kills.

To enter a bombsite or a vital position on a map is one of the toughest aspects of Counter-Strike. There are countless positions and angles to be checked, or your could face a potential stacked site with multiple enemies on the other side.

The AWP is one of the most iconic weapons to get multiple kills, and many legendary AWPers have set their mark with a lot of kills with the mighty green. One of them is device, the 26-year-old Dane is always a threat to his opponents' cause of his smart plays and numerous multi-kills to be the difference-maker and help his team.

Here’s the Top 5 for total kills at big events of all time:

  1. dev1ce | 11,781

  2. dupreeh | 11,159

  3. coldzera | 10,922

  4. Xyp9x | 10,893

  5. NiKo | 10,585

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