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Credit: ESL - Bart Oerbekke

Video: Promising NA player makes incredible AWP ace

Triumph AWPer presents impressive AWP exhibition on the A-site on Mirage.

Triumph’s Paytyn “junior” Johnson is one of brightest stars on the North American CS:GO scene. The 20-year old AWPer demonstrated in 2020 that he’s a player and a dangerous factor, worth keeping an eye on.

junior has thrived and displayed an outstanding level of CS in the previous year, concluding the year with a strong 1.15 rating and a 0.74 KPR for the last 3 months of 2020. Something, which generated heavy rumours concerning a potential transfer to the Brazilians giants from FURIA.

Read more. “FURIA have opened talks with Triumph to sign junior”


The promising AWPer is a busy streamer who frequently displays his incredible CS:GO abilities on his own Twitch account. Yesterday, was no different. Watch junior dismantle the entire server in an impressive AWP ace.  

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