Credit: ESL - Helena Kristiansson

Video: kennyS - the documentary

Learn about how "kennyS" became one of the most iconic AWP'ers in the history of Counter-Strike

Throughout the years of Counter-Strike we have had many iconic players and AWP'ers especially. Whether you think the best AWP'er of all time is "s1mple", "FalleN", or perhaps the magical Frenchman that is "kennyS", it is impossible not to respect what these magnificent players have managed in their careers. Whilst the latter mentioned player had a somewhat short career in the world of CS:GO, "kennyS" was once the best AWP'er in the entire scene by quite a bit.

Known for his incredible reaction time and ability to hit flicks that you wouldn't even believe were possible otherwise, "kennyS" stole the entire community's hearts with his aggressive and free-flowing playstyle. At the still-young age of 26-years-old, the French AWP'er is no longer active in the professional scene of CS:GO, however, the highlights he managed to produce and entertain us with, still live on to this day.

In a video created by betway esports, "kennyS" goes through all the steps he took in order to become the AWP magician we know and love him as. Take a look and enjoy his story and some of the beautiful moments he created throughout his years as a top-tier AWP'er:

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