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Mantuu: At his peak kennyS was the best AWP player we've ever had

Who was better at their peak - "kennyS" or "GuardiaN"?

It is often the players who have been trusted with the AWP, otherwise known as 'the big green', who steals the spotlight away, and for good reason. Having an incredible AWP'er within your roster can sometimes singlehandedly win you games, whether it be due to them oppressing the opponent's offense or even making space with their T-sided AWP'ing. It is safe to say that the AWP is the most impactful weapon in CS:GO and having a great AWP'er can be instrumental to teams' success.

Throughout the years we have had many excellent AWP'ers and the discussion about which player is the best AWP'er of all time is often a quick one. For good reason, it is impossible to look past the godlike performances that "s1mple" has put up on a consistent basis. But what if you were only to look at a player's peak? RivalryCSGO sat down with various pros and asked them: who was better at their peak, "GuardiaN" or "kennyS".

If you ask "mantuu" the answer is quite straightforward:

I think kennyS was better at his peak. Just because, i remember the scenes back when the AWP update wasn't changed and you could run around with AWP and flick around. I think he was, at his peak form, the best AWP player we've ever had in Counter-Strike.

To hear more about what other top-tier pros had to say about "kennyS" and "GuardiaN" in their peak, you can watch the series of interviews in the video posted down below:

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