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Video: How good is a female CS:GO pro?

Can a "good" CS:GO player beat a female pro in different categories and challenges of the game?

The renowned streamer Sparkles have decided to take the question to the test by challenging CPH Flames' Anna "ramziiN" Ramsing for a 1vs1 duel on the server. Throughout the video Sparkles and ramziiN, who has been playing CounterStrike for as long as she remembers, are battling in different areas of the game such as aim, movement, knowledge, grenades, and 1vs1 AWP duel to give you an insight into how good a female pro actually is.

Watch the 1vs1 video against a female pro right here:

Sparkles is a well-known youtube with 2.12 Mio. subscribers. He makes a lot of different counterstrike-related videos, such as case opening, trade-up contracts, Hackers in CS:GO, and many other funny videos.

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