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Credit: ESL - Dylan Esguerra

Video: Funny fail costs easy 1v1 clutch

All "aurora" had to do was to kill an unarmed opponent

We have all seen the great highlights from the likes of "s1mple", "ZywOo", and many more. Whilst there is something incredibly satisfying about watching pure skill unfold before your eyes, leaving wondering how it is even possible to be so good, there is something just as pleasing about watching a good fail take place from some of the greatest players in the scene.

When GODSENT fe and MIBR fe were competing against each other in the ongoing ESL Impact event in Valencia, Spain, an incredible fail happened. Left alone in a 1v1 clutch situation, all GODSENT player "aurora" had to do was to kill the unarmed defusing opponent and the round was hers to secure for her team. Peaking down on the planted bomb, "aurora" spots a dead body next to the bomb and starts spraying it down instead of the completely visible opponent right next to it. She couldn't believe how bad she had failed - take a look:

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