Valve's new update will take action at BLAST Premier World Finals |

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Valve's new update will take action at BLAST Premier World Finals

The last tournament of the year will take use of the latest CS:GO version.

BLAST has confirmed that the BLAST Premier World Finals will be playing on the latest version that valves put out just five days ago. The version containing M4A1-S dealing less damage from long range, as well as the AWP´s magazine is reduced from teen to five bullets. The biggest chance that the pro players are going to play under doing the BLAST World final will be the new map Anubis which will be a part of the Active Duty map pool going into the tournament. Despite the organizer of BLAST saying that this week BLAST Premier Fall Final will be played on the previous version, the new version will be a part of the BLAST World final in December.

Natus Vincere, Vitality, Outsiders, and FaZe are the teams who are currently taking part in the BLAST Premier World Final following their triumphs at a major tournament doing 2022 year. The four teams will be joined by this week's winner of the BLAST Premier Fall Final and three teams from the BLAST Leaderboards.

The Active Map pool at BLAST Premier World Finals:








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