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Anubis will replace Dust2 in the Active map pool

The new update from Valve came out with a chance in the active map pool.

In the most recent update Valve announced that Anubis will be joining the active map pool going forward. Dust2 will therefore be left out of the active map pool from now on.

Anubis first came into CSGO as a community map and was added to Counter-Strike back in 2020. The map was removed once before it came back in 2022 when Counter-Strike had its teen year anniversary back in early August.

Besides the change in the active map pool where Anubis will be taking over the dust2, we also saw some chances with the M4A1-s and the AWP. M4A1-S has been one of the big reasons behind the strong CT side. Many pro players have called out the weapon for being too strong. After the update, the CT rifle does less damage when standing from a long distance. Back in June was the first time we saw a nerf to the M4A1-S as the magazine was reduced from 25 to 20.

Another weapon that has been nerfed is the AWP where the sniper's magazine has been reduced from teen to five bullets.

When we will see Anubis as a part of the active map pool in a competitive CSGO match, is yet to be decided. For now, the only place people can play the map competitively is on Faceit.

The most iconic moments on Dust2 in CSGO history:

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