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Turkish Superteam is official!

XANTARES and woxic have created a new team named Eternal Fire.

With Ismailcan "⁠XANTARES⁠" Dörtkardeş being officially released by BIG earlier this day, the road was paved for a new Turkish Superteam.

For a long time the rumours had linked XANTARES with the other Turkish CS:GO Superstar Özgür "⁠woxic⁠" Eker. Today the rumors turned into reality.

- Hulk is real! We are coming to breathe new life into Turkey and the world, the team announced on its Twitter account.

Former OG player Issa "⁠ISSAA⁠" Murad will join as the team's fifth man. The other two spots are filled by the two Turkish players Buğra "⁠Calyx⁠" Arkın and Ömer "⁠imoRR⁠" Karataş.

The in-game leader role will fall on Ismailcan "⁠XANTARES⁠" Dörtkardeş.

You can watch a video with the new team here.

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