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Credit: Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

Today in CS:GO - Thursday 21/4 - 2022

PGL Antwerp Major European RMR B is set to start this Thursday! Find today's schedule here.

16 teams. 8 Major tickets. 1 Swiss Stage format.

It's time to find the last attending teams for the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major starting next month. We have taken a look at the most notable teams in the second group of the European RMR event.

European RMR Group B - The Favourites

European RMR Group B - The Contenders

Today's schedule:

11.00: G2 - Anonymo
11.00: Entropiq - Bad News Eagles
12.15: NIP - Endpoint
13.30: Players - Sangal
13.30: Astralis - ASG
14.45: Copenhagen Flames - Sprout
14.45: Spirit - ENCE

16-??: Swiss Stage round 2

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