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Three Legends spots up for grabs in Paris this Thursday

It's now or never for Liquid and the remaining six teams.

After three days of thrilling action in the French capital, the Challengers Stage at Paris Major has reached its final chapter. We have seen five teams in G2, ENCE, Apeks, NIP and FaZe already book a ticket to the next stage, leaving only three Legends Stage spots left for the remaining competitors.

Liquid, with Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis as a temporary in-game leader, is one of the squads which haven’t secured their advancement yet after a horrible 0-2 start at the prestigious Major.

However, they seem to have found their footing in the tournament now, as they seek to build on their momentum against Grayhound today, following their dominant victory over their countrymen from Complexity yesterday.

Today’s schedule at the Major looks as follows:

11:30 – FORZE vs GamerLegion

15:30 – Monte vs paiN

19:30 – Grayhound vs Liquid

Legends Stage teams:

G2 (3-0)

ENCE (3-0)

Apeks (3-1)

NIP (3-1)

FaZe (3-1)

Qualified through RMR:



Into the Breach

Bad News Eagles





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