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Player interviews from Paris Major

Keep up with the participating players and teams at the Paris Major as we collect some of the post-match interviews from the prestigious tournament. Paris Major, the final CS:GO Major before the introduction of Counter-Strike 2 later this year, is in full swing featuring the very best players and teams within the scene.

In this article, we've collected a number of player interviews from the CS:GO Major in Paris - all conducted by BLAST and their interviewers. The post-match interviews provide you with an interesting look into aspects like the map veto, strategics, players’ initial feelings right after the match, and much more.

The article will be updated every morning.

Player interviews from Paris Major

Tuesday, May 9:

Snappi (ENCE) criticizes BLAST and their format and talks FaZe victory

Result: ENCE vs FaZe 2-1

YEKINDAR (Liquid): “The most problems we’re having are due to pressure and individual mistakes”

Result: Liquid vs Fluxo 2-1

Dexter (MOUZ) speaks with BLAST following MOUZ’s 0-3 exit at the Major

Result: MOUZ vs GamerLegion 0-2

Jerry after beating Monte: “That’s what I call revenge”

Result: FORZE vs Monte 16-6

Monday, May 8:

Twistzz (FaZe) gives a post-match interview after 16-14 thriller against Monte

Result: FaZe vs Monte 16-14

huNter- (G2) explains the bizarre situation with jks against TheMongolz

Result: G2 vs TheMongolz 16-11


rain (FaZe) on chaotic comms: “I think people had a bit too many coffees today”

Result: FaZe vs paiN 16-12


nawwk (Apeks) on beating Grayhound 16-0: “It went by really fast”

Result: Apeks vs Grayhound 16-0


sdy (Monte) talks about taking over the IGL on the team and defeating Fluxo

Result: Monte vs Fluxo 16-8


Grim (Complexity): “We know they were passive in banana”

Result: Complexity vs GamerLegion 16-11


NEOFRAG (OG) after important victory over MOUZ: “It feels amazing not going 0-2”

Result: OG vs MOUZ 16-11

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