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Spirit stomp Gambit 2-0

The current best team in the world got destroyed by Spirit

In a thrilling Bo3-series, the current best team in the entire world in Gambit took on the challenge of Russian Spirit. The Bo3-series took place within the EPIC League CIS 2021 event. Despite being ranked 11 ranks below the side of Gambit today was all about Spirit. Due to a strong start on map one of Mirage, they were able to keep piling on the pressure and ultimately managed to defeat Gambit 2-0 in an impressive upset.

The first map of the series took place on Mirage. The map was the map pick of Gambit and is known to be an incredibly strong map for the Gambit roster. Today, however, a different story was told. Spirit started on the CT side and Gambit just couldn’t seem to break through the side of Spirit. Due to an immense lead at halftime, at the scoreline of 11-4 favoring Spirit, all they had to do in the second half of Mirage was close out map one. They did exactly that and could walk away with Mirage at the scoreline of 16-5.

The second map was picked by the Russians of Spirit. After having dominated Gambit on Gambit’s own map pick, it was difficult to imagine Spirit, not coming flying out of the gate on Dust 2. And sure enough, they did. Securing an early lead on their T-side it seemed as if Dust 2 would be a replay of what happened on Mirage. However, the map of Dust 2 turned out to be far more competitive than the one of Mirage. With both teams giving it their all they traded rounds. Ultimately it was Spirit to manage a 16-14 victory on Dust 2 and therefore a 2-0 victory against the side of Gambit.

16-5 Spirit (Mirage) | mir 1.61 Rating / 75.3 ADR / 20-8 K-D

16-14 Spirit (Dust 2) | degster 1.57 Rating / 102.2 ADR / 28-15 K-D

Highlight of the Bo3-series


Boris "magixx" Vorobiev | 1.47 Rating - 45-27 K/D - 83.7 ADR - 88.2% KAST

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